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Anderson Sports Medicine is an Orthopedic Sports Medicine practice based in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Led by Dr. Kyle Anderson, our medical team is one of the best, most experienced groups in Michigan. Our team has significant expertise in diagnosing and treating Sports Medicine related orthopedic injuries and a long track record of outstanding outcomes. Our comprehensive practice will guide you from first appointment to your return to normal activity including treatment and rehab.

Comprehensive Care for Your Knees

Knees are among the most commonly injured joints in sports – especially those sports that involved pivoting or quick start and stop. We treat the following knee injuries and conditions:

Complete ACL Tear

The ACL is very important for rotational stability of the knee.  When injured, most patients feel a sense of giving way or experience a pop.  Usually the knee begins to swell within a few hours.  When tears are complete, most patients will not be able to return to pivoting sports.  Some will experience instability even with daily activities such as getting out of a car or stepping off of a curb.

Partial ACL Tear

Injuries to one portion of the ACL can also occur.  Some of these will behave like complete tears while others may be more of a mild strain.  Many of the milder injuries are amenable to nonsurgical treatment provided that there is excellent dynamic stability and strength.  There are now some interesting, less invasive options for the more significant partial tears which include modern repair and augmentation techniques, synthetic scaffold materials and cell-based treatments.

Combined or Multiple Tear

Tears of the ACL combined with other ligament tears are much more significant injuries.  These can result from complete dislocations of the knee (which should not be confused with patellar dislocations).  Treatment of these is most often surgical and typically has a longer recovery with less optimism for return to preinjury activities.  However, again with modern techniques, results are more promising.

Childhood or Adolescent ACL Tear

When these injuries occur in patients who have significant growth remaining, special considerations and adjustments must be made.  In the past, these kids were held out of organized sports until maturity.  Unfortunately, many of these normally very active patients suffered additional injuries during less-organized “backyard” activities.  Thus, surgical treatment may be preferable for many of these patients.  The surgical procedures must protect the remaining growth by avoiding grafts that will “tether” the growth plates and in some cases completely avoid the growth plates.

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